1...Sc6! aus allen Lagen by Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker PDF

By Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker

ISBN-10: 3931192016

ISBN-13: 9783931192013

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Move provision made with the idea of speeding up mobilisation. Again, on arriving at the eighth rank a Pawn may be exchanged for any piece of to reward the its own colour. (This was probably designed him to win allow and to in Pawns, an with advantage player is most important, a What an such advantage). through Pawn captures not as it moves, but diagonally, to the right Pawn may make two moves together— a and left. If in Diagram X. a moving two squares Pawn traverses a square it could have been captured by a hostile Pawn, that Pawn has the right to on which it capture as though moved one square is it had only.

I FORCE 21 in each case potentially included in the Queen, though absent can move because the Queen on one separate only control diagonals of one colour. But as the Knight moves on eight squares and the Bishop only in four directions, so the action of the Knight on those squares is equal to the action of two Bishops of the same colour. On the other hand, while the Bishop can move along the whole diagonal, the Knight only threatens certain squares and does not control lines. This result is very valuable.

XXXI. ). Comparing all these positions, we may state as follows The worst positions are undoubtedly those in Diagrams XXIX. , where there is a hole. Diagram XXXI. exhibits a position which is not devoid of danger if the enemy has a Bishop on the black diagonal. , this of its security. ; PAWNS 31 Pawn becomes the object of attack, as it is protected only once and may be assailed in two moves by an enemy Pawn. From this it follows that the attacking party may wish Pawns for very different opponent to advance certain of his When he wants the Kt P to be advanced he is trying The advanced Pawn is not in to create two weak squares.

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