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Taking part in Black opposed to Vassilios Kotronias is each Caro-Kann player's worst nightmare. during this ebook Kotronias, the 1st Greek grandmaster, explains the workings of his most popular method opposed to the Caro-Kann. His resolution is the development version which has been a favorite of gamers comparable to Tal, Van der Wiel, Timman, Nunn, Anand and brief in addition to Kotronias.

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Bh1! Kg2 g4 It seems that there is a safe square for the white king, but this is no more than an illusion. Kf1! Ke2, the torture continues. Kc4!? Re2 Trouble is brewing, but there is no decisive breakthrough to be seen so far. Topalov redeploys his forces. Rc2 Rb7! Kc2 Rg1 Black is about to triumph, but at this point Anand seems to have a temporary stroke of luck. Kd3! Rxg2!? e5, and White promotes the pawn in time! But Topalov is in no hurry to sign a peace deal. Ke2 Rf3! Bxf3? Rc2 Kd3! g2+. Rc2?

I talked to Garry Kasparov about the matter and he replied with the annoyingly logical answer that he wasn't going to comment on any of it until BGN contacted him formally. Apart from the press conference in Dortmund, nothing has been made available by Braingames. No press release, no updates on their website, no official invitations to the players and their managers. ) Maybe BGN's fax machine has been repossessed? No petty cash for envelopes and stamps? Better get an advance from Bahrain, guys!

There were no weak players in the tournament, so he had no one to focus on. Anand’s last setback was his defeat when he played White against Morozevich in the 6th round. Eventually the result of Anand’s bad luck was that his score was –4. We can only wish him to forget this tournament as soon as possible and prepare for the next one. The tournament’s second sensation was Topalov’s return. I hope he be back for a long time. Anyway, the Bulgarian’s play (and not only his result) is promising. In every game Veselin played his best, struggled and fought, and ultimately outplayed his opponents.

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