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By Philip Yungkin Lee, Darell Tibbles

ISBN-10: 1462911935

ISBN-13: 9781462911936

Greater than an easy replace, 250 crucial chinese language Characters quantity 2 offers 250 extra characters within the super precious studying layout that freshmen and lecturers alike proceed to praise.

Following within the footsteps of the newly published Volume 1, it contains every little thing that today's beginners and lecturers wish: information for mastery all through; unique routines in AP-exam layout; innovative assessment sections; and a number of other indexes.

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2. ລભਥ shuì lǎnjiào sleep in 5. ߌਥ gǎnjué perception 周末 我 喜欢 睡 懒觉。 这 只 是 我 个人 的 感觉。 Zhōumò wǒ xǐhuan shuì lǎnjiào. Zhè zhǐ shì wǒ gèrén de gǎnjué. At the weekend, I like to sleep in. This is only my personal feeling. 3. ລ࿷ਥ shuì wǔjiào afternoon nap 中国人 有 睡 午觉 的 习惯。 Zhōngguórén yǒu shuì wǔjiào de xíguàn. Chinese have the habit of taking an afternoon nap. Helpful tips: The last stroke is a vertical-bend-hook.

2. 这张画很有意思,你怎么看得懂? 3. 介绍完了,你懂了吗? B. Sentence Completion Please complete each of the following sentences using one of the following words. Then translate the resulting sentence into English. 应该 需要 1. 我的朋友 喜欢 得 踢足球。 2. 我的母亲常常告诉我 3. 医生说每天人都 别做 危险的运动。 锻炼锻炼。 4. 离开家以前你 查有家的钥匙。 5. 去别的国家你 有护照。 25 C. Conversation Practice Please create 7 questions that you would ask during a phone conversation with a friend. A clear phone conversation would move between different activities and timeframes clearly and with purpose; write your questions to reflect that.

Zhù to help 4. ዺ႗ zhùxìng to add to the fun 感谢 你 助 我 一 臂 之 力。 给 大家 唱 支 歌 助助兴。 Gǎnxiè nǐ zhù wǒ yí bì zhī lì. Gěi dàjiā chàng zhī gē zhùzhuxìng. Thanks for lending me a helping hand. Sing us a song to liven things up. 2. ӻዺ bāngzhù to help 5. ዺბূ zhùxuéjīn grant-in-aid 他 帮助 我 学 汉语。 他 是 领 助学金 的 学生。 Tā bāngzhù wǒ xué Hànyǔ. Tā shì lǐng zhùxuéjīn de xuésheng. He helps me learn Chinese. He is a grant-in-aid student. 3. ዺ๮ zhùshǒu assistant 他 是 我的 助手。 Tā shì wǒde zhùshǒu. He is my assistant. Helpful tips: The fifth stroke lifts slightly.

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