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By Ageev A.A.

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Let ]2i = { v~(k): 1 _< k _< Di }, where vi(k) < v~(j) when k < j. The spread s~(k) of v~(k) is defined as si(k) = v i ( k + 1 ) - v ~ ( k ) , for 1 _< k < D~. ) The frequency f~(k) of vi(k) is the number of tuples in R with Xi = vi(k). The area a~(k) of v~(k) is defined as a~(k) = f~(k) • s~(k). , (v~(D~), f~(D~)) }.

Kulkami, Peter M. Schwarz: SQL MED- a Status report.. SIGMOD Record 31(3), (2001) [MS01 ] Morgan Stanley CIO Survey, May 2001. htm. [RB01 ]E. Rahm, P. Bemstein: A Survey of Approaches to Automatic Schema Matching, VLDB Journal 10 (4), pp. 334-350, 2001. [SCK02]A. Somani, D. Choy, and J. C. Kleewein, "Bringing Together Content and Data Management Systems: Challenges and Opportunities," [IBM02], 686696 (2002). P. A. Larson: Federated Database Systems for Managing Distributed, Heterogeneous, and Autonomous Databases, ACM Computing Surveys 22 (3), pp.

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A 3/2-approximation algorithm for the jump number of interval orders by Ageev A.A.

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