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I’ve given up on receiving the magic, Liz. ” I counted to three and then gave my request another go. ” She tilted her head, staring into my eyes. “Maybe I misunderstood you. ” No way had she misunderstood, but I’d ask again. Heck, I’d ask one hundred more times if it worked. I wanted to become Chloe Ackers instead of Chloe Nichols so badly, it still surprised me. I didn’t understand the urgency, but I trusted it. ” Liz probably figured that by forcing me to say in detail what I wanted, I’d decide the idea was ludicrous.

When he was taken care of, I went in search of the girl I’d seen. Except, other than Paige and I, the shop was empty. Apparently, she’d gotten tired of waiting. “Hey, Paige? ” Paige stopped arranging the artwork. “What girl? I only saw Mrs. ” “Nope. ” “Weird. ” The chill from earlier returned. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. Paige grimaced. “I’m sorry. I’m focused on an exam I have this afternoon. ” “It’s cool. ” I only had an hour before Paige left, so I confined myself to completing the payroll.

The hour doesn’t start until I leave,” she pushed. ” I stifled a yawn. ” She walked to the other side of the room and took a seat on the wide windowsill. ” She showed me her empty hands. “I don’t have it with me. Come here. ” Hesitantly, I crossed the room and sat next to her on the sill. ” Turning her head, she looked out the window. “It’s still dark out, but do you see that building across the street? ” I played along and glanced out the window. “Yeah. It’s sort of big, and there are streetlights, and I’m not blind.

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