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White. NOTE. The from the centre logistic radii of a piece of its geometric symbol always extend to the perimeter. LOGISTIC SYMBOLS. 23 LOGISTIC SYMBOL OF THE KING. FIGURE 19. Black. White. The of a piece always are the form of verticals, take straight lines, and always horizontals, diagonals, or obliques. NOTE. logistic radii GEOMETRIC PLANES. Whenever the geometric symbols appertaining to one or more kindred pieces and to one or more adverse pieces are combined in the same evolution then that ; part of the surface of the chessboard upon which such evolution is executed is termed in this theory a G-eo' metric Plane.

Supporting Front. Front Auxiliary. Front of Interference. Point of Co-operation. Point of Command. Point Commanded. Prime Radius of Offence, Tactical Objective. The Tactical Sequence. PLANE TOPOGRAPHY. A COMPLEX TACTICAL FIGURE 29 PLANE. 23. Black. White. White to play and win. R-K R 8 (ck), followed, White wins by 1 Black plays 1 K x R, by 2 Kt K B 7 (ck) and if Black plays 1 K-Kt 2, by 2 R x R, for if now Black 6 (ck), and White plays 2 Q x R, then follows 3 Kt NOTE. if ; -K wins the black Q.

Black. White. PRINCIPLE. Given a Bishop's triangle, the vertices of which are the Bishop occupied by one or more adverse pieces, then mav make a gain in adverse material. MAJOR TACTICS 8 That geometric symbol which is a prime factor in evolutions which contemplate the action of a Rook is shown in Fig. 4. This figure is a quadrilateral, one angle of which is the point occupied by the Rook. all GEOMETRIC SYMBOL OF THE BOOK. FIGURE 4. Black. While. PRINCIPLE. Given a Rook's quadrilateral, one of whose sides is occupied by two or more adverse pieces or two or more of whose sides are occupied by one or more adverse ; then the pieces material.

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