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By John Huehnergard

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ISBN-13: 9780788503184

Within the 3rd variation of A Grammar of Akkadian, adjustments were made within the part at the nom­i­n­al morpheme -ån (§20.2) and the sections at the which means of the D stem (§24.3) and the Gt stem (§33.1(b)); those revisions replicate fresh scholarship in Akkadian grammar

Other adjustments comprise minor revisions in wording within the presentation of the grammar in a couple of different sections; a few new notes to a few of the readings; additions to the glosses of a small variety of phrases within the lesson vocabularies (and the thesaurus and English Akkadian notice list); and updates of the assets on hand for the learn of Akkadian, and of the bibliography.

A new appendix (F) has been further, giving Hebrew and different Semitic cognates of the Akkadian phrases within the lesson vocabularies.

The pagination of the 1st and moment variations has for the main half been retained, except the insertion of the recent appendix and some minor deviations in other places.

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Paradigmaticity Parametric cái, jiù, dōu and yĕ constitute the maximally systematic core of a semantically coherent paradigm: (i) parametric cái: marker indicating negated existential quantification over alternatives (ii) parametric jiù: marker indicating negated universal quantification over alternatives (iii) parametric dōu: marker indicating universal quantification over alternatives (iv) parametric yĕ: marker indicating existential quantification over alternatives. le. PRT USE TYPES 31 The quantificational types that form part of the above characterizations are the four classical logically possible types that may be derived from the interaction of inner and outer negation with either existential or universal quantification; in our case quantification ranges over domains of alternatives.

4). 4 for discussion. Alleton’s dōu 1/value 1; Lin’s (1996, 1998) generalized distributivity operator. USE TYPES (59) a. b. c. ’ (cf. Lin 1998:212) 23 chēzi. car kàn-wán-le. read-finish-ASP jiā. e. each single person bought a car, and it is not the case that a collective car was purchased. In (59b) the preposed object argument is distributed over. What complicates this case is the fact that although a single book is involved in the action distribution over something must be traceable. Of course, books can be argued to have sub-parts over which it is possible to distribute.

FÁNGZI. ’ măi. ’ FÁNGZI. house măi-le. buy-ASP Although the focused object nominals do not differ overtly with respect to their syntactic structure in (11) and (12), the movement facts co-vary with the different sentence readings: Bare nouns in habitual sentences pattern with proper names, 2 Thus, what moves is often not just the focus, but the minimal bigger constituent or syntactic island which may move (for a theoretical and cross-linguistic discussion of this focus-related pied-piping effect cf.

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