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By Xenophon, Rex Warner

ISBN-10: 1101490993

ISBN-13: 9781101490990

Xenophon's historical past recounts approximately fifty turbulent years of war in Greece among 411 and 362 BC. carrying on with the tale of the Peloponnesian battle on the element the place Thucydides accomplished his magisterial historical past, it is a attention-grabbing chronicle of the conflicts that finally resulted in the decline of Greece, and the wars with either Thebes and the may of Persia. An Athenian through start, Xenophon turned an organization supporter of the Spartan reason, and fought opposed to the Athenians within the conflict of Coronea. Combining background and memoir, it is a very good account of the triumphs and screw ups of city-states, and a portrait of Greece at a time of quandary.

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