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This well-established and renowned booklet offers scholars with all of the linguistic history they wish for learning any interval of French literature. For the second one version the textual content has been revised and up-to-date all through, and the 2 ultimate chapters on modern French, and its place as an international language, were thoroughly rewritten. beginning with a quick description of the Vulgar Latin spoken in Gaul, and the earliest recorded kinds of French, Peter Rickard lines the improvement of the language throughout the later heart a while and Renaissance to teach the way it grew to become standardized in a close to glossy shape within the 17th and eighteenth centuries.

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Here the case of Jean Bodel from Arras in Artois is instructive. There is little doubt that his own dialect was the Artesian variety of Picard. Nicolas. It has come down to us in a unique manuscript containing this and several other Picard works, and copied nearly a hundred years later. The language is mixed. There are many Picard forms in it, but it can hardly be said to be written consistently in the Picard dialect. Scribes may have either eliminated some of the Picard features which were present in the original, or added new ones, or both.

The early Capetian kings were not much stronger as kings than Hugh Capet had been as Duke: many of their vassals, men like the Duke of Normandy, or the Counts of Blois, of Artois, of Flanders, or of Champagne, were more powerful than the kings were. The kings ruled directly only in their own lands, that is to say, only in a very small part of the total territory of France. They had no effective authority in remote regions such as Brittany, Gascony, Toulouse, or Aquitaine. They enjoyed however the support of one extremely powerful institution, the only stable one in France—the Church.

If it still hesitates over the notation of neutral [ə] (written indifferently with a or with e, as in anima, pulcella but figure, cose, polle, domnizelle), on the other hand it clearly and consistently indicates diphthongisation, thereby marking a considerable advance on the crude system of notation used in this respect by the scribe of the Strasbourg Oaths; hence: buona

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